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What is the importance of "box and paper" when it comes to a Tag Heuer Replica Watches? Ku says: "I believe, to be honest... if someone is looking for a Paul Newman Daytona this is a timepiece that is all about quality and not the papers."

How else can you verify the authenticity of a timepiece? You can probably get a service document from Tag Heuer Replica Watches that states the watch has an "exotic dial", or a "Paul Newman dial", Daytona. The problem is that most Tag Heuer Replica Watches service centres no longer accept vintage watches.

Even if your watch is certified, that doesn't guarantee it was a Tag Heuer Replica Watches. If you're a watch dealer, and you have a Daytona that has a Paul Newman dial on it and another Daytona that is relatively undamaged with a regular dial -- provided the serial numbers are close enough -- wouldn't you swap out their dials in order to create a Paul Newman Daytona example?

You would. Is it moral to do this? Ku says, "I think that if you have a damaged but good dial and swap the dial to another watch in the same serial number range and model, then you will have a much better watch." Because 90% of the value lies in the dial."

Most people are happy with a watch that has the correct dial in relation to its serial number.

How can you be sure that your dial is authentic?

Take the dial off your watch to ensure that it is a Singer dial and that the details, printing and stepped minute track all match.

According to Philipp Stahl, founder of Tag Heuer Replica Watches Passion Report: "There are subtle clues, such as the tail of the quarter-hour marker on the continuous-seconds dial being slightly off center relative to the other markers." These are all subtle codes, which are not known by the average watch collector.Breitling Replica Watches For more information on these codes, click here and here.

Posting a macro photo of the watch you intend to buy on Vintage Tag Heuer Replica Watches Forum is a good way -- not for authentication, but definitely to spot irregularities. The forum's members are extremely vigilant in detecting fake watches.